Plants To Purchase In An Exotic Landscape Setting

Is your yard not quite as gorgeous as you would certainly such as? Do you also have worse terms to explain it? Do next-door neighbors reject your invitations to a yard barbecue? You do not continue being the landscape castaway of your area. Attempt reading this post to make your residence more eye-catching to every person that sees it.

While it may be alluring to have a strong cover installed over your outdoor space, it is a far better suggestion to set up shade bars that are open. Less of the area will be covered, given that there is open room, yet it will certainly permit even more warm to escape to ensure that you will be cooler.

Gather landscaping concepts from house and yard magazines. These publications often showcase one of a gorgeous homes, and also the most beautiful yards. Though you might not be able to duplicate the look that you find in the magazine totally, you can get inspiration which will help you to end up with an ended up an item that you are proud of.

If you have kids or would like a location to entertain guests, it would certainly be wise to plan an open space in your landscaping. See to it that you allot this space, before beginning your landscaping project, to ensure that you ensure that you will certainly have an adequate area when you are done.

Optimize your landscape design results by including multi-seasonal elements in your garden. Search for plants as well as hedges that bloom at various times throughout the year. Various other possibilities are trees with seasonal flowers as well as evergreens which might maintain your area eco-friendly year round.

Now that you are prepared to start your landscaping task, you simply need to do such an impressive job that the next-door neighbors will want to know your secrets. Your next-door neighbors will certainly be impressed not only with your gorgeous lawn but additionally with your own landscape design skills. Best of luck because process! Atvsnowblower will reveal anything you want to know about which electric snow blower is the best.

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Phuket Thailand Is The Paradise On Earth

Phuket Thailand Is The Paradise On Earth


Phuket Thailand (also known as The Land of Smiles) has an internationally famous beaches. Phuket beaches have beautiful sandy shores and a peaceful environment, which fills your heart with bliss. Phuket Thailand is the most popular and well-known beach of Asia, where one can spend a great time with family. This lively island provides you white palm-lined beaches with superb services, in other words it’s a welcoming place, where one can never feel uncomfortable and can quickly adjust to the environment. Phuket is one of the best islands to spend vacations. People from different countries come here to relax, enjoy and to spend quality time with family. Due to this beautiful and calm beach, more than 100,000 foreign residents have moved here to make a livelihood.

Phuket Thailand Is The Paradise On Earth - Promthep Cape

Phuket Thailand Is The Paradise On Earth – Promthep Cape

Phuket Island provides people uncountable adventures, exciting activities, luxurious resorts and hotels. Tourists from all over the world come here to visit Phuket and the main reason behind their visiting is; the beautiful view of Phuket’s finest beaches which are famous all around the world. Moreover, Phuket also have a variety of gems which one should not miss out while visiting this island. The great thing about Phuket is that you will always find something to do over there whatever the season is, there is always something creative and interesting to do. There are so many places and activities in Phuket which will definitely make your vacation a memorable one.

Top Ten Places in Phuket Thailand

Some of the most beautiful and great places in Phuket are:

  • Pang Nga Bay
  • Old Phuket town
  • Bangle road nightlife
  • Simon cabaret show
  • Wat chalong and Phuket temples
  • Big Buddha
  • Phi Phi Island
  • Phuket Phanta sea show
  • Thai boxing
  • Phuket viewpoint
Phuket Thailand Is The Paradise On Earth - Kata Beach Viewpoint

Phuket Thailand Is The Paradise On Earth – Kata Beach Viewpoint


Moreover, Phuket Thailand has a wide range of beautiful and luxurious resorts and hotels to stay. These resorts provide full comfort, peaceful environment and superb hospitality. There are various hotels in Phuket Thailand, where one should visit to explore amazing things and to get an unforgettable experience. Some of the famous hotels are:

  • Banyan Tree Phuket
  • Aquamarine resort and villa
  • Novotel Phuket Resort
  • The royal Phuket yacht club
  • The royal paradise hotel and spa
  • Outrigger Laguna Phuket resort and villas
  • Ayara kamala resort and spa
  • Nary hotel patong
  • Karon phunaka resort and spa

So, Phuket Thailand is a complete package to make holidays and to enjoy each and every moment with lots of adventures and exciting activities that are purely arranged for people who come and visit there.

So don’t forget Phuket Thailand while planning your next holiday!


Have A Very Nice Day!


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Visa For Thailand Expires? Make A Trip To Laos And Do It Yourself!

Visa For Thailand Expires? Do It Yourself And Make A Trip To Laos!

Because we were staying in Roi Ed, the second time we went for the extension for the visa for Thailand we go to ‘Friendship Bridge II’.
That’s the bridge between Mukdahan (Thailand) and Savannakhet (Laos).
The office here ask 1,000 baht more than in Nong Khai.
We have seen that it’s not difficult to get your visa (maybe the office has more connections and things go a little faster), so we tried to do it on ourselfs.

First you go to the border of Thailand and buy a ticket for the bus.
A ticket costs 50 baht per person.
Then you can go to the passport control, to go outside Thailand.
Only my friend get a visa to fill.

When you passed, you have to wait for the bus.
Meanwhile several small busses from the Savan Vegas Hotel drive away: Thai people who go to the casino in Laos.
But in total, here are less people than in Nong Khai, but maybe because now it’s Saturday and when we were at Nong Khai it was during the week, just before New Year.

The big busses don’t have airco, but it’s only 2 kilometer driving, just crossing Mekong River, the natural boundry between Thailand and Laos.

At the border we follow the other people to the passport control.
There is also another ‘Farang’ who has first go to immigration to fill a form and visa.
Friendly Thai people tell me that I have to go also.
The immigration is only 5 meters away from the control.
There we get the form and visa to fill.
I didn’t have a photo, but no problem, just pay 50 baht more, a total 1,600 baht and I have another visa in my passport.
No problem to pass the control now.
Only my friend has a problem: she must also fill the tourist visa for Laos.
I’m an expert now, so I can help her…
Then I almost had a problem again, because I passed the control and go back to help my friend… meanwhile somebody else joined the control, but lucky, the first person recognized me..

Visa For Thailand Expires? Make A Trip To Laos And Do It Yourself!

Now we passed the border, we want to see also a little bit of Laos.
A friendly driver from a tuk-tuk wants us to show Savannakhet for 400 baht.

The first stop is a souvenir shop.
It has mostly the same products as a shop in Phon, supplemented with Laos ‘labeled’ products.
The quality of the clothes we saw was very bad: you can buy, but only take it as a souvenir, not wear it.
Of course we bought a keyring as a souvenir and some soap.

Our next stop was the market.
Very different from the markets we know in Thailand.
It was just after noon and there were not many people at the market.
It was not clean and it smelled not nice.
And we had the feeling the market vendors didn’t want to sell.
Only at the shop for mobile phones they wanted to sell us the real ones….. sure…. we bought a Samsung Tab for 1,500 baht!
Of course it’s fake!
And be very careful: they tell you everything is included, but when you buy, you only get the phone or tab and have to pay extra for the charger!

The last stop was a temple.
I like to visit temples, but at this one we had not a good feeling, so we stayed a very short time and left after a short talk with the monk and a prayer..

Although I’m a little bit negative about our visit to Savannakhet, I liked the experience!

Time to go back to Thailand.
At the border we passed the control easy.
Then buy a bus ticket.
Here it’s 55 baht per person.
We were lucky and only had to wait 5 minutes for the bus.
Some of the same people as at the trip to Laos were also on the bus: they only went to buy food in Laos.

At the border with Thailand we get a visa to fill.
And I can stay another 14 days in Thailand.

It’s so simple to do it yourself, but it was also very easy when the office did it in Nong Khai.
The difference in priceis maybe 600 baht.

But, best is of course to do the visa for Thailand in the country where you come from.
Just don’t forget like I did……

Have a very nice day!

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Visa Thailand Expires? Make A Trip To Laos!

Visa Thailand Expires? Make A Trip To Laos!

Sometimes you get in a situation that you need to extend your visa, but don’t want or can’t go to the embassy before your visa Thailand expires.
One solution is to go across the border: for example, make a trip to Laos!
I was in the situation that I completely forgot to go for a visa at the Netherlands and entered Thailand with a tourist visa for 30 days while I wanted to stay longer.
To have no problems when I would enter Thailand, I bought a ticket online from Bangkok to Vientiane (Laos) on a date before the 30 days the tourist visa would end.
When I was in Thailand, I canceled the trip to Laos, because I wanted to go with a friend and with the car would be much cheaper.

Visa Thailand Expires? Make A Trip To Laos!

First time we went to extend the visa we go to the ‘Friendship Bridge I’ (over Mekong River, the natural boundry between Thailand and Laos) at Nong Khai.
Not far from Vientiane
There is an office, where they can take care of your visa for another 15 days for dutch people like me.
You can check on the internet how long the extension for your country is possible
CLICK HERE for a useful site of the Thai embassy in Laos.
The only thing you have to do is pose for a photo, pay 2,400 baht and go with the driver to Laos.
The total we had to pay was more, because my friend was going with me, but it’s different for thai people, of course.
They take all care of it and you can stay for an half hour in the tax-free zone!

We bought there chocolat, a wallet for my friend and beer.
Surprise: it was Bavaria, a dutch beer!
We paid 12.5 baht per can of 0.5 liter, really cheap, when you buy 2 trays of 24 cans.
We almost bought a small suitcase, but we wanted to buy it the next time.
Although the price was first 1,700 baht and when we left the price was 1,000 baht!

Back in Thailand we visited Nong Khai and it’s market.
It was not the first visit, because we like to go there with family of my friend.
We always walk at the ‘boulevard’ Rim Kong and go back through the market.

It’s a nice place to visit, I can recommend it.

Have A Very Nice Day!

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Roi Et Rajabhat University and a mini mart (small supermarket)

Roi Et Rajabhat University and a mini mart (small supermarket)

This weekend we were in Ban Nakaturb, a small village about 1 km north-east of Roi Et Rajabhat University.
We went there on Saturday late afternoon and arrived about 2 hours later at the mini mart (small supermarket).

Roi Et Rajabhat University

We always drive through the campus of the university, just because it’s the easiest way.
This Saturday, it was very crowded at the university.
They organised a sports-event.
Every university does here in Thailand, And now Roi Et Rajabhat University had to organise.
It are (not yet) nation championships, but for the district, in this case Isan.

Besides the many people, there is also a abundance of party lights.
We don’t know if it is for the sports-event, for x-mas and new year or was it for the King’s birthday?
To lead the traffic in the right direction were everywhere planters.

And of course there were many mart stalls on and outside the campus to sell shirts, caps etc.

After we left the campus, it’s only a half km to the mini-mart of my friend’s sister in law.
They were building the mini-mart when I was there a year ago.
It’s modern with a big studio with bathroom upstairs and….. a giant sun-terrace.
The son of my friend’s brother and sister in law is running the mini-mart.

Around the mini-mart there are rising many apartments, mostly owned by sister in law’s family.
They have many land in this village and already sold some.

We remained a few hours in the mini-shop to have diner with the family and then go further to the ‘resort’.
It’s about 300 metre from the mini-mart, just beyond brother’s house.
It looked good in the late evening.
The only question I had was about the BIG spider in the bathroom: dangerous or not?
‘Yes, but it will not attack from itself…’.
That’s a big relief!

The resort is simple, but very nice.
No refrigerator or microwave or TV.
Only an electric air pot to boil water for coffee, noodles etc. (enough to stay here)
After a shower we go to bed.

My friend is sleeping very soon.
But I enjoy the new karaoke-set of the neighbour 300 metres from us….. until 4.30 am!
Sometimes it’s quiet, but there seems to be another karaoke-set in the village!

After a few hours sleep, it’s nice to wake up with a cup of coffee on the terrace and enjoy the view.
Just a day doing nothing, relax, enjoy the environment.
Oh yeah, watch out for the GIANT bees: they say if they sting you, your hair will turn white….


Early in the evening we went to Roi Et to go to Palanchai Lake.
Of course, we were there very late afternoon (just before getting dark).
The first thing I noticed when we were driving near the lake was the sound of many, many birds.
Everywhere near the entrance.

And then, like in every park in Thailand, people are sporting everywhere:
Running around the lake, playing badminton at the streets, playing basketball, tennis, volleyball and badminton or doing aerobics at a square and even fitness inside or outside a building.

After a tour through Roi Et and visiting a market with REAL FRESH ready meals we went first to the mini mart to share dinner.

Monday was the birthday of my friend and we didn’t do anything at all.

On Tuesday we went home around 5.45 am.

We were absolutely not the first ones on the road: many people were already at the market.
Last year we went to the market in Phon at 2 am!
And at that time there were already about 50 market vendors active.

We we arrived home, my friend did a shower and went to work, while I worked at home.

These are the nice weekends here in Thailand.

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Back To Thailand – Meeting The Good Weather In Thailand

Meeting The Good Weather In Thailand

It’s the last day of November 2012 and finally I go to my favourite country and stay with my girlfriend.
Just on time, because they predict winter is starting in the Netherlands: freezing an snow.
In Thailand it’s about 34 C/93.2 F: I don’t need a sweater there!

Back to Thailand…. or not?

Before I could go back to Thailand, I thought I had some kind of trouble with the visa: I didn’t had it at all and I wanted to stay maybe longer then 30 days.
When you stay in Thailand for less than 30 days, for people from most countries it’s no problem.

Realizing that on Wednesday late in the afternoon is too late.
The Embassy of Thailand was already closed and it would take 2 working-days to arrange it.
Therefore I called my boss to say that I maybe not could work the day after.

The next day, as early as possible, I called the Embassy of Thailand and they could not arrange it on time.
The lady said that I just NEED a visa or have a ticket and leave before the 30 days.

I didn’t want to change my ticket back to the Netherlands.
Another option was to buy another ticket.
For example to Laos, not far from Phon, Khon Kaen where I stay.
A ticket is booked fast and easy online ;}
And, I could work for my boss.

The Journey Back To Thailand

Friday afternoon at 12.00 my boss brought me to the railway station.
This time not with the taxi to Schiphol, but with the train.
That was more than 10 years ago I went with the train for the last time.
On Wednesday I already bought my ticket for the train, so I could walk straight to rail.
Not quite straight: first going up and down with the stairs.
With 2 suitcases of 23 and 12 kg (50.6 lbs and 26.4 lbs).
When I arrived at the right track I see the elevator………

When the train arrived I get in (of course) and I go seated in the lobby so I don’t bother anybody with my suitcases.

Within an hour and a half I was at the airport.

For the flight back to Thailand I already checked in at home, but how does it works with handling the suitcases?
Something new to find out, and it’s quite easy to do.

Back To Thailand - Meeting The Good Weather In Thailand

Back To Thailand – Meeting The Good Weather In Thailand

Everything is done, now only wait about 2 hours before boarding.
Make it 2 hours and a half: They had a light issue in the aircraft.
No problem… we can use candles 😀
They fixed the lights and we could get on board.
The aircraft was fuller than I am used.
This time I flew with KLM back to Thailand, normally with EvaAir, where I have 3 or 4 seats for my own.

Flying back to Thailand

We were in the air very soon and the captain hit the throttle well….
The service on board was good, but sometimes a little messy: maybe because the aircraft was full.
The food was also very good, but I prefer the food from EvaAir: it’s more Asian.
Sometimes it was too warm in the aircraft, so, I had to drink very much.

As usual I could not sleep in the aircraft.
And, it was a flight of almost 11 hours.
On board I got the visa for 30 days to fill.
There was no question about a date of going out.
Only the flight-number, but that could be any date…

Back To Thailand – Meeting The Good Weather In Thailand

As I said, the captain hit the throttle well: we landed only 3 minutes later.
At the airport in Bangkok I was quickly trough the passport-control.
Indeed, there were no questions WHEN I would take the flight to go out of the country….
But maybe also no problems, because I was in and out the country 3 times before.

I’m back in Thailand

It took only a long time before I had my suitcase.
And some time to find my girlfriend.
But we found each other and went, together with her nephew, on our way!

And as I walk out the airport, indeed, I’m meeting the good weather!

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Review MindMaster: Is This The Answer On How To Be Positive?

Review MindMaster

Since a few weeks I’m more interested in affirmations than before.
I’m from the Netherlands and I have the typical mindset of a Dutch person. (for more information about that, read another article of mine  ) 😉

How To Be Positive?

It’s always positive to know how you are.
And I know I have this kind of mindset and I want to change it.
The question was: how to be positive?
How can I get o a more positive mindset.

Since years I do some meditations.
But, that was not the whole answer to my question.

The Answer?

Then, affirmations crossed my path.
So, I have affirmations and read them out-loud every day 2 or 3 times.
And some of them I speak out-loud during the whole day.

Review MindMaster, how I started:

14 days ago I was surfing for affirmation-tools on the internet and I came across MindMaster.
Never heard about it, but I visited the site and I saw some really good things, like:
Free trial
Money back guarantee
And a demo.

Now, that’s always a good sign from somebody from the Netherlands (some people say we are ‘niggard’).

For the first time in my life I first see the demo, before doing anything with a program or (in this case) the free trial 😉

After the installing the trial I tried every setting.
And inserted my own list.
It’s all very simple and easy.

How everything works, look at the ‘review MindMaster‘-video.

[embedplusvideo height=”264″ width=”420″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=uVMDUvOXRpc&width=420&height=264&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep7855″ /]

A small note about the images:
The images I made very small: 260 pixels maximum and around 15 kb.
When you make them bigger your pc or laptop can’t handle.

The principle is very simple.
Your subconscious mind adapt everything that is heard, felt, smelled, tasted and SEEN.
Maybe your conscious mind didn’t notice it, but your subconscious mind did!
It doesn’t matter how long the stimulation was, even for a fraction of a second.

Tab Programs - Review MindMaster: Is This The Answer On How To Be Positive?

Tab Programs – Review MindMaster: Is This The Answer On How To Be Positive?

They used to do that also in cinema’s or in the movie on TV.
Just 1 image between those thousands images of that movie.
An image of popcorn, hamburger, cola, cigarette or whatever.
People get hungry or thirsty from that small, lonely image, which your conscious mind didn’t even notice.

In many countries this is forbidden, because it’s not ethical.
You’re playing with peoples minds for your own pursuit of profit.

Tab Settings - Review MindMaster: Is This The Answer On How To Be Positive?

Tab Settings – Review MindMaster: Is This The Answer On How To Be Positive?

The Solution On How To Be Positive?

But, this system can hepls you as well:
An image shown a fraction of a second.
Or, a written affirmation shown for a fraction of a second…..

You are probably reading this blog on your pc, notebook, netbook or tablet.
How long are you reading now?
5 minutes?
You could have seen more than 50 affirmations at the same time as you are reading!
And you almost would not notice them.

Tab Screensaver - Review MindMaster: Is This The Answer On How To Be Positive?

Tab Screensaver – Review MindMaster: Is This The Answer On How To Be Positive?

That’s how MindMaster works:
Every 1-120 seconds showing an image or written affirmation for 10-1000 milliseconds.
You can adjust how many seconds between every affirmation and how long the affirmation will be shown and where.
You can decide which group or even what affirmations there will be shown to you.

That’s all!
Simple, but absolutly effective.
Why do I judge that?
On the fact that gouverments do forbid this in cinemas and movies, so, they also know that this do influence your subconscious mind.
And affirmations do work (if you don’t believe me, believe Oprah 😉  )

Conclusion of this review MindMaster:

It’s a fantastic affirmation-tool!
For me not the answer on how to be positive, but, it truly is extremely helpful!
It gives you a helping hand!
I even have it on both my laptops!

Review MindMaster: For Me It’s The Answer On How To Be Positive!

My opinion: a must!
You have to try it yourself.
It’s free to try.

You can order it only on the website of MindMaster itself.
Click here to go directly to the website to order and get your answer to the question: How To Be Positive!

Have a very changing day!


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Have A Better Life With Affirmations And Visualization

Visualization And Affirmations For A Better Life

Another way of affirmations is visualization.
Visualize literally means make something visible.
In your head runs a film on how you want a particular occasion occurs in life.
This may be an occasion in the near future (an important conversation with a client the next morning) or in the distant future (reaching a milestone, such as lose 15 kilos weight).
A visualization can be as detailed as you want.
See it what you’re going to say to that potential customer, he or she responds positively, you’re quiet and calm, you look perfect, that at the last moment an idea that you the customer can persuade and see that the customer says: “Yes, you get the job!”.
And in the second example: you see that you are thin, you’re fit, you wear new, pretty clothes, that have people look at you admiringly, that you stand on the scale and you actually weighs 15 pounds less.
The regular repetition of a visualization strengthens the result.

Note: visualization of a desired situation is no guarantee that it actually happens like that.
A good seal is pronouncing: “So I like to see it happen but I let it go. I have confidence in the smooth running of events. ”

Affirmations in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, people are brought up with the idea of “doing normal, that’s crazy enough” and anyone who says positive things about themselves, is soon called arrogant.
If someone gives you a compliment because you have done something right, you are very quick to say, “Oh, it’s not so difficult” or “It was nothing.”
But would it not be great if you can positively affirm yourself by saying: “Thank you, I liked to do and I’m glad it worked” or even “Thank you, I can do this very well and do it with pleasure. ”

An example of the Dutch behaviour you will find also on the sports fields.
If Dutch athletes are interviewed they say often things like “We do our best” or “Yes I am well prepared, but yes, you have to wait if you’re in shape as well”.
With this mindset, it is very difficult to reach the top.
It’s like they have an excuse in advance for if they do not reach first place.

You can not entirely blame them.
The few who clearly say: “I’m going for the Gold Medal” are completely ‘killed’ by the Dutch press if he or she is “only” fourth.
It is the head above the crowd: some how we Dutch can’t have that so good.
As if we don’t allow the other the light in their eyes.

Now you can indeed decide your attitude to adapt to the reaction in the Netherlands.
But why would you consider yourself less than you are?
In order to please others?

How do people in other countries work with affirmations in life?

Let’s go back to the athletes.
Americans are masters of psychological preparation for peak performance.
If American athletes are interviewed you hear them say things like: “I have prepared well, I’m sure, I get that gold medal.”
And if it is not successful they will not come with excuses or apologies, but they say honestly: “I am very disappointed. I got everything out of it but it was just not enough.”

We find sober-minded Dutch Americans often so exaggerated and maybe that’s true, but their behaviour is an element of truth.
An American is proud of what he has accomplished, he is proud of his wealth and possessions, and he shows that also.
And just because of that, he comes in such a positive mindset, he can hold his success and expand.

Have A Better Life With Affirmations And Visualization

Have A Better Life With Affirmations And Visualization

Would it not be wonderful if we could say unabashedly to others:

“I make beautiful drawings”
“I can play extreme well billiards”
“I have such beautiful clothes”
“I am very successful”
It would be even nicer if that person would not think that we are conceited or arrogant, but that the other would be happy for us.
Maybe we can start doing it ourselfs though: be happy for someone who is proud of himself.
And proud of ourselves – not from arrogance but out of love for yourself.

Visualization And Affirmations Can give You A better Life

Unleash the power of your soul – be master of your own thoughts.
Affirmations are both a goal and a way.
When you start working with affirmations, the aim is to secure positive thoughts in your head.
But it is also a way on the path to awakening.
If you are going to work with affirmations you can not escape to stand more consciously in life.
What do you think, are you ready?

In my head is only room for positive, life-enhancing thoughts and visualization.
I now make the step to changing my life by changing my thoughts.

I wish you much success in life with affirmations and visualization, I’m sure you will succeed.
You’re a really great person and you have more than enough power to put your life to your own advantage.

Go for it!

Have a changing day: keep visualization!



When you want some help with affirmations,
try this tool ===> click here!
It’s one of the best tools I ever used!


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The Secret Of How To Apply ‘The Law Of Attraction’

In this article the secret will be revealed…

[embedplusvideo height=”342″ width=”420″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=Bq7nKqbojjA&width=420&height=342&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep4986″ /]

The Secret Of How To Apply ‘The Law Of Attraction’

There are many questions about ‘The Law Of Attraction‘.
How do you apply it?
Is it as in the movie ‘The Secret’?
How does it work?
I will help you get answers!
In short, what is ‘The Law Of Attraction’?

As I wrote in an earlier article: the principle of ‘The Law Of Attraction’ is childishly simple: you become what you think.
‘The Law Of Attraction’ MEANS ‘The Law Of Attraction’.
Everything you are experiencing right now in your life you have created with your thoughts and feelings in the past.
By thinking and feeling, the people, circumstances and events in this sense ‘had to’ be attracted by you.

The Secret and How To Apply ‘The Law Of Attraction’

Through your thoughts and feelings consciously choosen (think of what you want, not what you do not want to) you can use ‘The Law Of Attraction’ to create the life of your dreams.
Sounds like fun?
Sure, and it is.
Because more and more people are starting to use ‘The Law Of Attraction’, and find that it works!
If you want to know more about the basics of ‘The Law Of Attraction’ I refer you to our previous article.
In this article we will look at creating the life of your dreams.
What are the steps to the life of your dreams?

The Secret Of How To Apply 'The Law Of Attraction'

The Secret Of How To Apply ‘The Law Of Attraction’

There are many differences opinions on the applicability of ‘The Law Of Attraction’.
Is it possible to create specific things, or just things that match your feeling? (Whatever that may be).
I think the answer lies somewhere in between.
Often we think we want something (such as a new car), but if we think better we actually want something else (eg independence and freedom) and shows a less fancy car as well to match our feelings.
Or perhaps we are afraid of the consequences that a brand new car entails (What will my father think? Can I wear the monthly?).

The Secret Of How To Apply ‘The Law Of Attraction’

However when you’re gonna work with ‘The Law Of Attraction’ feeling good yourself is always the base.
Because as long as you feel good you do things you want.
And as long as you do that you will have more people, events and circumstances that attract you to make you feel good.
Change your focus on what you DO want, and do not think about what you DO NOT want.
Banish it from your life and your thoughts.
Start with gratitude.
Be thankful for the things you already have what you’re satisfied.
This ensures that you are coming at the right place of feeling from the things you want.

The Secret – How To Apply ‘The Law Of Attraction’

The secret step 1: Ask

When you see the world as a catalog, and you can choose everything, what would you like to have or do?
Let loose all restrictions, suppose you can have or be everything you want.
What do you want?
Make it as clear as you can for yourself.
Write it down, make a collage, go fantasize.
Once you have clearly in mind what you want, find the feeling field accordingly.
Sit quietly, close your eyes and visualize yourself with your wish.
How do you feel?
Then you are at the right feeling.

The secret step 2: Faith

If the world is your catalog ‘The Law Of Attraction’ will be your mailman.
The core of step 2 is to believe that you ‘order’ is underway.
As the creator of The Secret‘ describes it: “If you have ordered a car, you do not even order another car?”
You know it’s yours, even though you have not have it in your hands yet.
When you make a purchase at a shop, and you have paid, then you know that it’s yours.
You believe in it.
Find that trust also in ‘The Law Of Attraction’.

A well-known method is the creation of a ‘vision board’.
Hang on your wall images you want, and look at every day.
These pictures serve as a reminder for you to visualize your desires.
Every day before you go to bed you can visualize your dreams, you’re again looking for that feeling area.
You are looking for the feeling you would have if you wish had come true already.
Remember, namely that ‘The Law Of Attraction’ gives you what you think. So if you think, feel and believe that your wish has come true, he will come.
You walk in your thoughts always ahead of the reality.

The secret step 3: Get

When you order from the webshop will be delivered there must be someone at home to receive the packet.
It works also with “The Law Of Attraction ‘.
Your order is on its way, always.
But are you ready to receive it?
Earning your wishes is to trust your intuition.
Maybe you turn left every day on the way to work, but when a little voice in your head said that you should go right now.
Trust this.
‘The Law Of Attraction’ leads you somewhere.
Maybe you bypass a large file, or you come across someone who is important to you.
If it feels good you’re on the road to what you really want.

That’s the secret

Opposing thoughts

The reason that it is not always easy to produce large wish to com true has to do with opposing thoughts.
In the example of the new car you can for example ‘be afraid’ for the outcome.
Be afraid for the monthly costs, reactions of others, etc.
This kind of anxiety can be difficult to detect, but once you release your wishes will come closer.
If you want to read more about this principle, I refer you to ‘The Attractor Factor “by Joe Vitale.

How does ‘The Law Of Attraction’ works?

Science has answers about the operation of ‘The Law Of Attraction‘.
First, you should know that everything in the universe is composed of energy.
We consist of cells that consist of molecules containing atoms composed of energy.
Also, your thoughts are somewhere made of energy.
So you, me, the ocean, the Eiffel Tower and your thoughts … everything is energy, and everything is interconnected.

Then there are studies that suggest that mind perception can form reality.
This means that everything can be controlled by your thoughts, even afterwards.
It is quite complicated and abstract to contain this, it makes you to think about what reality actually is.
An interesting study of Masaru Emoto shows how this works.
He took water from different places and froze it in.
Frozen water turns into ice crystals, as you also know of snow.
When the water in advance was ‘blessed’ with positive feelings arose beautiful crystals.
When the water was ‘cursed’ with negative feelings arose ugly asymmetric crystals.

Below is a short excerpt from the film ‘What the bleep do we know!’, A documentary film that goes on this principle. (Recommended if you want to know more about the operation of ‘The Law Of Attraction’)

[embedplusvideo height=”264″ width=”420″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=2_dmYT83ZKY&width=420&height=264&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep7331″ /]

The Secret Of How To Apply ‘The Law Of Attraction’

I hope you understand that wealth is NOT comming from the sky.
You have to do something to get it!
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What are you waiting for?

Have a very nice day!


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Discover Thailand, Thai Culture & Yourself: Visit A Homestay

[embedplusvideo height=”342″ width=”420″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=4i59bsi8HOI&width=420&height=342&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep8032″ /]

Discover Thailand, Thai Culture & Yourself: Visit A Homestay

Therе iѕ a pаrt оf уоu thаt you hаve уеt to discover.

Moѕt of thе tіme you travel to discover new places.
Whаt if уоu cоuld discover thе оthеr ѕіde оf yourself during yоur јоurneу?
Thrоugh crеatіve tourіsm exреrіenсеѕ, people who visit Thailand can еxpeсt lіfе-сhаnging leѕѕоns rеveаling undiscoverd рart оf themsеlveѕ.
From craft makіng tо Thaі bоxing; lеarnіng аbout аgrісulturаl cоrnerѕtones suсh аѕ rіcе farmіng tо massage іnstruсtіоn; аnd lеsѕоns in рrераrіng thе unqueѕtіonаblе defining cuisіne, loсаl exреrts arе eager to ѕharе thеіr knоwledgе and Thai culture.

Discover Thailand, Thai Culture & Yourself: Visit A Homestay

If yоu’rе visiting Thailand, visit a homestay is a great оption thаt іntroducе уou tо Thai culture аnd оffer unіque оpроrtunitiеѕ оnlу аvailablе іn а fаmіly еnvironment.
Yоu wіll bе іmmеrsеd in the local and Thai culture, whісh will help рut yourself in the right frame of mind no matter whаt уou’rе studуіng, or еvеn if уоu’rе just оn а relаxіng vіѕit.
There arе oрtіоnѕ іn аll рarts оf thе countrу.

A homestay offer people who visit thе оppоrtunіtу tо stаy with а familу, uѕuаllу rent a rооm іn a housе wіth а fаmіlу and eat at leaѕt onе meаl а dау with thеm.

Fоr manу yеаrѕ fоreіgn studеnts іn Thailand have ѕtaуed wіth famіlieѕ wіth thеir ѕсhoоlѕ аrranging thеіr homestay, but now іt’ѕ easy for аnyоnе to оrgаnize living wіth а hоst family.

Discover Thailand, Thai Culture & Yourself: Visit A Homestay

Discover Thailand, Thai Culture & Yourself: Visit A Homestay

In Thailand, likе in most сountrіeѕ,a homestay is morе сommоn іn rurаl аreas and villageѕ.
In the nоrth of thе соuntry, theу arе vеrу рорulаr іn hіll trіbе vіllаges, but thеу are avаilable in аll раrts оf thе соuntrу.

Thеу are аn excellеnt сultural еxchаngе, аs the hoѕtѕ wіll leаrn abоut the visitor’s соuntrу as the visitor leаrnѕ аbout thе hоѕt’s.
Who visit сan thіnk оf thеmselvеѕ аѕ аmbaѕѕаdоrѕ from thеіr сountriеs of ѕorts, as thе іmрrеssіons thеy lеave will remаіn with thеіr hоstѕ.

Discover Yourself And Thai Culture

Homestay is a businеѕѕ, but there іѕ much mоrе tо thеm than commerсiаl асtіvitу.
Theу arе а sharіng of culture аnd а stер in bеttеr underѕtanding betwееn differеnt pеоpleѕ, аѕ wеll as а very rewаrdіng аnd enјоyablе hоlіday.

A homestay сan be аrrаngеd іn moѕt раrts of Thailand, but аrе mоrе estаblіѕhеd in the fоllowing cіtiеѕ аnd tоwns:


Chіаng Rаі, Chiang Mai, Lamраng, Lamрhun, Mаe Hоng Sоn, Nan, Uttarаdіt


Chumроn, Krabi, Phаng Ngа, Phuket, Surаtthanі, Trаng


Aуuddhауa, Ang Thоng, Bаngkok, Kаnсhаnaburi,Nakhon Naуok, Nonthaburi, Prасhuaрkirіkhan, Praсhіnburі, Sаmutprаkаrn, Sаmutѕоngkrаm, Sіngburi, Uthаi Thаni


Amnаt Chаrоеn, Pеtсhаbun, Yаsothon, Kаlаѕіn, Khоnkаеn, Lоеi,Mаhаѕаrаkham, Mukdаhаn, Nakhonrаtсhаѕima, Nong Buа Lаm Phu, Rоi Et, Sа Kаеo, Surіn, Udоnthаni, Nhоngkaі


Chanthaburі, Rаyоng

Enjoy when you discover Thai culture, yourself and Thailand during your visit


Have a very nice day!

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