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Visa Thailand Expires? Make A Trip To Laos!

Posted by on January 1, 2013

Visa Thailand Expires? Make A Trip To Laos!

Sometimes you get in a situation that you need to extend your visa, but don’t want or can’t go to the embassy before your visa Thailand expires.
One solution is to go across the border: for example, make a trip to Laos!
I was in the situation that I completely forgot to go for a visa at the Netherlands and entered Thailand with a tourist visa for 30 days while I wanted to stay longer.
To have no problems when I would enter Thailand, I bought a ticket online from Bangkok to Vientiane (Laos) on a date before the 30 days the tourist visa would end.
When I was in Thailand, I canceled the trip to Laos, because I wanted to go with a friend and with the car would be much cheaper.

Visa Thailand Expires? Make A Trip To Laos!

First time we went to extend the visa we go to the ‘Friendship Bridge I’ (over Mekong River, the natural boundry between Thailand and Laos) at Nong Khai.
Not far from Vientiane
There is an office, where they can take care of your visa for another 15 days for dutch people like me.
You can check on the internet how long the extension for your country is possible
CLICK HERE for a useful site of the Thai embassy in Laos.
The only thing you have to do is pose for a photo, pay 2,400 baht and go with the driver to Laos.
The total we had to pay was more, because my friend was going with me, but it’s different for thai people, of course.
They take all care of it and you can stay for an half hour in the tax-free zone!

We bought there chocolat, a wallet for my friend and beer.
Surprise: it was Bavaria, a dutch beer!
We paid 12.5 baht per can of 0.5 liter, really cheap, when you buy 2 trays of 24 cans.
We almost bought a small suitcase, but we wanted to buy it the next time.
Although the price was first 1,700 baht and when we left the price was 1,000 baht!

Back in Thailand we visited Nong Khai and it’s market.
It was not the first visit, because we like to go there with family of my friend.
We always walk at the ‘boulevard’ Rim Kong and go back through the market.

It’s a nice place to visit, I can recommend it.

Have A Very Nice Day!

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