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The Secret Of How To Apply ‘The Law Of Attraction’

Posted by on November 12, 2012

In this article the secret will be revealed…

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The Secret Of How To Apply ‘The Law Of Attraction’

There are many questions about ‘The Law Of Attraction‘.
How do you apply it?
Is it as in the movie ‘The Secret’?
How does it work?
I will help you get answers!
In short, what is ‘The Law Of Attraction’?

As I wrote in an earlier article: the principle of ‘The Law Of Attraction’ is childishly simple: you become what you think.
‘The Law Of Attraction’ MEANS ‘The Law Of Attraction’.
Everything you are experiencing right now in your life you have created with your thoughts and feelings in the past.
By thinking and feeling, the people, circumstances and events in this sense ‘had to’ be attracted by you.

The Secret and How To Apply ‘The Law Of Attraction’

Through your thoughts and feelings consciously choosen (think of what you want, not what you do not want to) you can use ‘The Law Of Attraction’ to create the life of your dreams.
Sounds like fun?
Sure, and it is.
Because more and more people are starting to use ‘The Law Of Attraction’, and find that it works!
If you want to know more about the basics of ‘The Law Of Attraction’ I refer you to our previous article.
In this article we will look at creating the life of your dreams.
What are the steps to the life of your dreams?

The Secret Of How To Apply 'The Law Of Attraction'

The Secret Of How To Apply ‘The Law Of Attraction’

There are many differences opinions on the applicability of ‘The Law Of Attraction’.
Is it possible to create specific things, or just things that match your feeling? (Whatever that may be).
I think the answer lies somewhere in between.
Often we think we want something (such as a new car), but if we think better we actually want something else (eg independence and freedom) and shows a less fancy car as well to match our feelings.
Or perhaps we are afraid of the consequences that a brand new car entails (What will my father think? Can I wear the monthly?).

The Secret Of How To Apply ‘The Law Of Attraction’

However when you’re gonna work with ‘The Law Of Attraction’ feeling good yourself is always the base.
Because as long as you feel good you do things you want.
And as long as you do that you will have more people, events and circumstances that attract you to make you feel good.
Change your focus on what you DO want, and do not think about what you DO NOT want.
Banish it from your life and your thoughts.
Start with gratitude.
Be thankful for the things you already have what you’re satisfied.
This ensures that you are coming at the right place of feeling from the things you want.

The Secret – How To Apply ‘The Law Of Attraction’

The secret step 1: Ask

When you see the world as a catalog, and you can choose everything, what would you like to have or do?
Let loose all restrictions, suppose you can have or be everything you want.
What do you want?
Make it as clear as you can for yourself.
Write it down, make a collage, go fantasize.
Once you have clearly in mind what you want, find the feeling field accordingly.
Sit quietly, close your eyes and visualize yourself with your wish.
How do you feel?
Then you are at the right feeling.

The secret step 2: Faith

If the world is your catalog ‘The Law Of Attraction’ will be your mailman.
The core of step 2 is to believe that you ‘order’ is underway.
As the creator of The Secret‘ describes it: “If you have ordered a car, you do not even order another car?”
You know it’s yours, even though you have not have it in your hands yet.
When you make a purchase at a shop, and you have paid, then you know that it’s yours.
You believe in it.
Find that trust also in ‘The Law Of Attraction’.

A well-known method is the creation of a ‘vision board’.
Hang on your wall images you want, and look at every day.
These pictures serve as a reminder for you to visualize your desires.
Every day before you go to bed you can visualize your dreams, you’re again looking for that feeling area.
You are looking for the feeling you would have if you wish had come true already.
Remember, namely that ‘The Law Of Attraction’ gives you what you think. So if you think, feel and believe that your wish has come true, he will come.
You walk in your thoughts always ahead of the reality.

The secret step 3: Get

When you order from the webshop will be delivered there must be someone at home to receive the packet.
It works also with “The Law Of Attraction ‘.
Your order is on its way, always.
But are you ready to receive it?
Earning your wishes is to trust your intuition.
Maybe you turn left every day on the way to work, but when a little voice in your head said that you should go right now.
Trust this.
‘The Law Of Attraction’ leads you somewhere.
Maybe you bypass a large file, or you come across someone who is important to you.
If it feels good you’re on the road to what you really want.

That’s the secret

Opposing thoughts

The reason that it is not always easy to produce large wish to com true has to do with opposing thoughts.
In the example of the new car you can for example ‘be afraid’ for the outcome.
Be afraid for the monthly costs, reactions of others, etc.
This kind of anxiety can be difficult to detect, but once you release your wishes will come closer.
If you want to read more about this principle, I refer you to ‘The Attractor Factor “by Joe Vitale.

How does ‘The Law Of Attraction’ works?

Science has answers about the operation of ‘The Law Of Attraction‘.
First, you should know that everything in the universe is composed of energy.
We consist of cells that consist of molecules containing atoms composed of energy.
Also, your thoughts are somewhere made of energy.
So you, me, the ocean, the Eiffel Tower and your thoughts … everything is energy, and everything is interconnected.

Then there are studies that suggest that mind perception can form reality.
This means that everything can be controlled by your thoughts, even afterwards.
It is quite complicated and abstract to contain this, it makes you to think about what reality actually is.
An interesting study of Masaru Emoto shows how this works.
He took water from different places and froze it in.
Frozen water turns into ice crystals, as you also know of snow.
When the water in advance was ‘blessed’ with positive feelings arose beautiful crystals.
When the water was ‘cursed’ with negative feelings arose ugly asymmetric crystals.

Below is a short excerpt from the film ‘What the bleep do we know!’, A documentary film that goes on this principle. (Recommended if you want to know more about the operation of ‘The Law Of Attraction’)

[embedplusvideo height=”264″ width=”420″ standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/2_dmYT83ZKY?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=2_dmYT83ZKY&width=420&height=264&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep7331″ /]

The Secret Of How To Apply ‘The Law Of Attraction’

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