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Saskia And Mozart To The Trim-Salon

Posted by on October 2, 2012

Saskia And Mozart To The Trim-Salon

Today it was time for Mozart and Saskia to go out.
Not just for a walk. But they had to go to the dogs trim-salon.
2 times in a year they go for a make-over.

Mozart Back From Trim-Salon

Mozart Back From Trim-Salon

Did I mention in an earlier blog that Saskia is the mother of Mozart?
Well, in my earlier marriage we bought Saskia from a friend and a short time later Beethoven.
Of course, Beethoven was named after the movie dog.
The difference was that our Beethoven was only 15 inch high 😀

Beethoven and Saskia practiced some times and 2 times Saskia got a puppy, but the first one died at birth and the second one died within 1 hour.
I don’t forget the sad eyes of Saskia both times.

But, the third time, there was Mozart.
He was as small as my hand-palm.
I keep him the first week under the heat lamp.
First upstairs in my bedroom and later during the day downstairs.
Of course, together with Saskia.


Mozart Not In the Trim Salon, But As A Puppy


Beethoven was a real softy: silent, waiting for his turn and for me.
He did not like his son… he thought it was a weird creature.

We bought Beethoven from a friend in Spain.
My wife had many friends in Spain.
When he was a pup I fly with him to Netherlands.
Unfortunately, I had to let him fall a sleep when he was not even 5 years old, because he had a tumor in his mouth.
When They should operate him, he probably could not eat any more.
It was a though decision, but I did not want him to have pain.
He was a very good boy.

Before I had to let him sleep, I had 3 dogs and that was too much.
I had to decide which dog has to move.
Best choice was Saskia: It would provide her for getting pregnant again (I was living alone at that time) and my parents love her very much.
So, that would be a perfect situation – I could still see her.

That Scary Trim-Salon

This morning, about 1 hour after I walked with them, it was time to go.
Mozart was extremely happy to go out again!
He was jumping around.
Saskia is the lazy one, but now she was also standing ready to go out.

In the car they always are a little nervous, because they don’t go many times with the car.
Only to the doctor or…. trim-salon.

When we arrived there, they walked without any problem with me to the other side of the street.
But when I opened the door of the trim-salon…….. They didn’t want to go in… they knew what would happen next…. I would leave them there for a few hours.

With a little pulling they went inside.
And the hairdresser was already waiting for them.
When I left the trim-salon as expected, they were not happy, but did not bark or cry.

2 hours later I get the call: they are ready and can go home.
Together with my father I picked them up.
Look at the results: aren’t they beautiful?

Saskia And Mozart Back From Trim-Salon

Saskia And Mozart Back From Trim-Salon

The trim-salon is getting more expensive….
I’m happy I earn money on the Empower Network.

Have a very nice day!

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