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Roi Et Rajabhat University and a mini mart (small supermarket)

Posted by on December 30, 2012

Roi Et Rajabhat University and a mini mart (small supermarket)

This weekend we were in Ban Nakaturb, a small village about 1 km north-east of Roi Et Rajabhat University.
We went there on Saturday late afternoon and arrived about 2 hours later at the mini mart (small supermarket).

Roi Et Rajabhat University

We always drive through the campus of the university, just because it’s the easiest way.
This Saturday, it was very crowded at the university.
They organised a sports-event.
Every university does here in Thailand, And now Roi Et Rajabhat University had to organise.
It are (not yet) nation championships, but for the district, in this case Isan.

Besides the many people, there is also a abundance of party lights.
We don’t know if it is for the sports-event, for x-mas and new year or was it for the King’s birthday?
To lead the traffic in the right direction were everywhere planters.

And of course there were many mart stalls on and outside the campus to sell shirts, caps etc.

After we left the campus, it’s only a half km to the mini-mart of my friend’s sister in law.
They were building the mini-mart when I was there a year ago.
It’s modern with a big studio with bathroom upstairs and….. a giant sun-terrace.
The son of my friend’s brother and sister in law is running the mini-mart.

Around the mini-mart there are rising many apartments, mostly owned by sister in law’s family.
They have many land in this village and already sold some.

We remained a few hours in the mini-shop to have diner with the family and then go further to the ‘resort’.
It’s about 300 metre from the mini-mart, just beyond brother’s house.
It looked good in the late evening.
The only question I had was about the BIG spider in the bathroom: dangerous or not?
‘Yes, but it will not attack from itself…’.
That’s a big relief!

The resort is simple, but very nice.
No refrigerator or microwave or TV.
Only an electric air pot to boil water for coffee, noodles etc. (enough to stay here)
After a shower we go to bed.

My friend is sleeping very soon.
But I enjoy the new karaoke-set of the neighbour 300 metres from us….. until 4.30 am!
Sometimes it’s quiet, but there seems to be another karaoke-set in the village!

After a few hours sleep, it’s nice to wake up with a cup of coffee on the terrace and enjoy the view.
Just a day doing nothing, relax, enjoy the environment.
Oh yeah, watch out for the GIANT bees: they say if they sting you, your hair will turn white….


Early in the evening we went to Roi Et to go to Palanchai Lake.
Of course, we were there very late afternoon (just before getting dark).
The first thing I noticed when we were driving near the lake was the sound of many, many birds.
Everywhere near the entrance.

And then, like in every park in Thailand, people are sporting everywhere:
Running around the lake, playing badminton at the streets, playing basketball, tennis, volleyball and badminton or doing aerobics at a square and even fitness inside or outside a building.

After a tour through Roi Et and visiting a market with REAL FRESH ready meals we went first to the mini mart to share dinner.

Monday was the birthday of my friend and we didn’t do anything at all.

On Tuesday we went home around 5.45 am.

We were absolutely not the first ones on the road: many people were already at the market.
Last year we went to the market in Phon at 2 am!
And at that time there were already about 50 market vendors active.

We we arrived home, my friend did a shower and went to work, while I worked at home.

These are the nice weekends here in Thailand.

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