Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmation 2

As you probably know, this is part 2 of 3 about positive affirmations and how it can help you change your business and life.
Check here for part 1.

Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmation

The world is much lighter when you’re positive in life.
Why not give yourself the most sublime thoughts about yourself?

“I always get a parking”
“I am the most exalted version of myself”
“My body is beautiful”
“I enjoy every day of miracles all around me”
“I heal myself”
Break your conviction.
Sometimes it may happen that you almost can’t get a certain affirmation over your lips.
Or that you become angry or sad when you read or pronounce a certain affirmation.
This may mean that your conviction to the contrary is very deep.
To find out where the problem is and how you always get the negative thoughts, the following exercise can help:

Take a piece of paper and draw a vertical line through the middle.
Write the affirmation on the left.
Write now at the right the thought that comes to mind while writing the affirmation.
Repeat it until the thoughts that you write down at the right are positive rather than negative.
Continue writing the affirmation, even if you write him a hundred times.

Practice as long on that particular affirmation until you can speak it smiling, with a happy heart, loud and clear.
Only then you have the positive words as the truth integrated in yourself.

Positive Affirmation Helps You Change Your Business and Life

I found out myself forgetting to repeat my affirmations through the day.
Simply because I’m too busy or Iu do not remember.
If, in the evening I repeat an affirmation several times I often fall asleep halfway (maybe I should first start with “I stay awake – I stay awake – I stay awake!”).

Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmation 2

Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmation 2

And at moments of stress, it is often so difficult (oops, you see what I do?!) to say your first affirmation before you respond.
So I started initially with making affirmation-cards I spread over the house.
In the kitchen is for example: I AM QUIET AND CALM because if I at the end of a long day with eating. I’m busy and I don’t have much time for cooking, or have to go again very quick, I can get stressed.
But because my eyes are – subconsciously – reading the text, I affirmed the opposite: I will believe that I am quiet and calm and therefore change to the corresponding behaviour.

When I’m working at my laptop, I have a small program on running.
Maybe you ever heard about in cinemas or movies at home, they put 1 image in the movie that not belongs there.
It can be of food or drinking.
You don’t see it…. but you’re subconscious mind does.
It makes you hungry or thirsty.
Or that’s why you want to buy that product in the shop.
Nowadays it’s forbidden in most countries.
But, you can use it with affirmations.
On the internet I found a program that is just great for that.
It gives an affirmation every 1-120 seconds for 10-1000 milliseconds (you can decide both yourself).
You can also change the purpose of the affirmation.
Check it out by clicking here! <===


Have a very nice and positive day!

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Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmations


How you can change your life and business by changing your thoughts!

[embedplusvideo height=”342″ width=”420″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=qrrodjmCqKw&width=420&height=342&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep4423″ /]

Have you ever consciously listened to your own thoughts?

You should do that just for fun one whole day.

On an average day, I really have a few dozen negative thoughts – while I am a very positive person – and I’m not the only one.

Does this sound familiar to you may:

“Oh no, now I can never do that.”

“Had I done something difference.”

“This I never get on together.”

“Gee how stupid of me.”

“Hey, I make the same mistake again.”

What you are actually doing is affirming yourself: you confirm your own behaviour.

But in a negative way!

And this is done not only in your mind, you speak it out: to yourself, in conversations with others, to others, such as your children and in your business.

“Well, I will never get in such a tight skirt.”

“I’m not going to try that again, I happen to be so.”

“What are you annoying today.”

“Let me do that, it’s too difficult for you.”

“Are you doing that wrong again.”

Experts estimate that even 72% of your thoughts are negative.

Have you any idea how much power your mind has?

Imagine what an impact your own thoughts have, which are constantly in your head, for you and your life.

Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmations

Thinking is something you do.

You have some influence on it.

Thinking, or at least, the way you think, is a habit.

And like all other habits you are the one who can control it.

It’s like exercising or dieting: you have to work to change.

By filling your mind with positive thoughts you can actually make changes in your life.

If you repeat something often enough, you believe in it.

That is so in the negative (eg a harsh parent to his child always says: “You’re worthless”, as an adult the child is still carrying it with him).

But it also works in the positive.

Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmations

Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmations

It would be work fantastic if each day a personal coach walked around you bombarded with positive lyrics: “What have you done that well” if you had something done, or “You’re beautiful” as you put clothes on.

But the reality is – unfortunately – different.

The reality is that maybe you’re worried that there saunter screaming kids around you or that you just can not stay away from the chocolate.

So, they developed something which is almost as good works as a personal coach.

Click here if you want to know more about it, or read more about affirmations.

Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmations

What is an Affirmation?

Affirmations are statements you have in mind or aloud, and that your thoughts affect and enhance.

Without it noticing it, you use the whole day affirmations to yourself (“This I can not!”), To your children (“What are you annoying today!”), To others (“That’s too difficult for you “).

Usually we use affirmations in a negative way.

By using affirmations consciously and in a positive way and repeat them, you can change your mind about yourself – and thus your life.

Because if you think you can do something, you will attract the energy towards you to can.

If you think you can not do something, you create a self-fulfilling prophecy: it usually you can not because your beliefs you hold.

And this is also applies to your business!



You want to change your life and business?

Have a very nice day!

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The Secret Or The Law Of Attraction

Let your wishes come true with ‘The Secret’ or ‘The Law Of Attraction’.

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Ever been frustrated that you can not pay the bills again?
Bale you of your weight or do you actually ever fall asleep next to someone?
Perhaps we have here the solution to all your problems!

Ever heard of the ‘Universal Law Of Attraction?
It is a universal law of physics which states that “like attracts like”.
In other words, you pull things that you have caused.
If we are the makers of the movie “The Secret” to believe.

Strange but interesting movie

The movie “The Secret” was a huge success in America.
It runs in this documentary to a ‘secret’ power, knowledge of which long remained hidden for the “common people”.
Various experts explain you in ninety minutes how your mind can turn your own world into your hand.
“Your current reality is the result of your thinking.”

‘The Secret’ And ‘The Law Of Attraction’

Logical law

It’s something you usually intuitively feels, negative thinking usually causes more negativity.
When you find yourself completely focused on your overweight, the problem will only increase.
Positive thinking creates positive influences in your life, according to the theory.

When you focus on something it will grow

The Secret Or The Law Of Attraction

The Secret Or The Law Of Attraction

Do you have high debts and do you just worried about?
Chances are that you can not eliminate the debt and that they will even grow.
This is ‘the Law of Attraction‘.
Everything we experience and visualize in mind we draw also.
Nothing is accidental.
Do not focus on that debt, but on life without debts.
On a life of financial freedom, then the universe will bring this to you.
That is the message.

You’re not the first

That there is such a thing as this interesting effect has long been known.
Wikipedia reports that there are already thousands of years written about it.
For example, Oprah had a show dedicated to this subject.
She always claims (unconsciously) to have already lived this way.
Think about what you want instead of what you do not want.

Broaden your focus and happiness comes naturally

For example if you want to lose weight you should try to love yourself as you are and look for the things you are satisfied with.
Be positive in life and you will receive positive things.
That is the power of thoughts and ‘the’Law of Attraction‘.
Obviously, there is quite a bit vagueness involved.
Moreover, the movie “The Secret” is very American is very ‘Da Vinci code’-ish.
Many people would still sometimes be disappointed when “the universe” is not directly a bag-of-money-for-the-door switch.

‘The Secret’ – ‘The Law Of Attraction’

However, it is about seizing opportunities in your life.
If you really want more money, you will notice that there are opportunities to develop at some point in your life to deserve.
So no pocket money, you’ll still have to work.
But according to the theory, you are the one who attracts such opportunities.

Highlights in the film and ‘the law of attraction‘ are:

– You create your own reality for 100%.
– Your current reality is the result of your thinking.
– You pull on what you focus.
– Something ‘not’ want or fight against something attracts it.
– To do, be or have something you need to achieve them to experience.
– Something can be done by changing your thinking to adapt.
– Your feeling is a navigation system.
– What feels good, is good for you. What does not feel right, do not.
– Everything you need is in the direction of what feels good.
– You are completely free. You are valuable. You are perfect.

To apply the knowledge of ‘The Law Of Attraction

Many people wonder at the end how you apply the knowledge of ‘The Law Of Attraction‘ and what results you can achieve.
In another article I will teach you how you can get started with ‘The Law Of Attraction‘.
In this book you will also find more information about.
The Secret

More information and the movie

In short: extremely interesting matter.
I would say, watch the movie and judge for yourself.
On YouTube you can see the first 20 minutes free or watch the video below.

[embedplusvideo height=”342″ width=”420″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=_b1GKGWJbE8&width=420&height=342&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep3639″ /]

‘The Secret’ IS ‘The Law Of Attraction’

The Secret Or The Law Of Attraction - book


I hope you understand that wealth is NOT comming from the sky.
You have to do something to get it!
Here is a good idea for you: the best of the best businesses on the internet!
The highest commissions and the best products!

What are you waiting for?

Have a very nice day!

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What Is Meditation – Do Your Daily Meditations

What Is Meditation – Do Your Daily Meditations

What Is Meditation - Do Your Daily Meditations

What Is Meditation – Do Your Daily Meditations

Until a few years ago, the word meditation to many raised eyebrows, hocus-pocus feelings and sometimes cause jitters.
What many do not know is that for example meditate to the art of mental strength and self-control goes.
That we use to meditate more and enjoy life because we meditate aware and relaxed.
That we strive to do daily meditations less on “automatic pilot” either spend the time and above all attentive to his.
Life is great, but we must see it first!

In today’s society where we are getting more anbusy, are our brains incessant bombarded with stimuli and we get an increasing need for rest and relaxation.
Meditating might be of great benefit to us and it’s therefore not surprising that in recent times it’s even cool to begin to meditate!

But what then is meditation? Is it experience, technique or just a goal?

Our vision is to meditate every technique that allows us our body and mind to relax and also our mind from unnecessary thoughts and brain activity.
Daily meditations is for us no end goal or special experience, but just a very useful technique that helps us to tame the mind and body to relax.
Generally every meditation meets on the following three basic principles;

What Is Meditation – Do Your Daily Meditations

1) We focus on one thing or object to our mind to concentrate.
This focus can include on our breathing, a word we repeat, sensations in our body, or even our thoughts.
Often we concentrate in daily meditations upon our own senses.
When we feel, smell, taste or hear we escape our fantasies and we are back in the moment.

2) When our mind wanders, we bring it back to our object of meditation or focus.
We try our minds not to hide or suppress.
Fighting for our minds to rest has nothing to do with rest and relaxation.
The whole process is like a camera zoom in on an object.
The object comes to the front and all other things are present but disappear into the background.
Every time we are distracted by objects in the background we zoom back into our object in the front.
This process is repeated during meditation sometimes an infinite number of times.

3) All thoughts and sensations during meditation we let us pass.
As we meditate we continue to hear the sound of fast driving traffic, we continue to feel the hangover from yesterday, we continue to think the chores we need to do tomorrow, etc.
The big difference is that this leads us to no longer have to bother .
During meditation we try not to judge, to draw conclusions or side issues to consider.
We accept the present moment as it is.

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What Is Meditation – Do Your Daily Meditations

Meditating differs from other forms of entertainment in the sense that during the relaxation we are awake, alert and focused.
We are relaxed yet alert.
Research shows that the more we engage more with daily meditations we basically still relaxed.
At the same time we are also more observant and aware, something that other relaxation techniques do not achieve, because they don’t train the focus ability.
We must not confuse meditate with a dream, sleep or trance state con, because during those times, we, unlike meditation, are not aware and alert.

During daily meditations, we focus on what NOW, at this moment, at t=0 happens.
Every thought is by definition an element of time (past or future) and leads us from what is happening NOW.
When we focus we give our mind only one single job.
Because we only have one job to process that takes little effort and energy.
There will be no question of a possible emergency or stressful situation and so can our body and mind go for a relaxation.
Because we are relaxed and laid back we can experience brighter and we are aware of our doings.
Think carefully about all the beautiful moments of your life or how you experience things such as hobbies or just a beautiful moment.
Right, almost all quality moments in your life are when you do not think, but experience and thus in the present moment.
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., a pioneer in the field of mind / body medicine, therefore, defines meditation as any activity that brings us into the NOW and hold it.

The methodology of meditation we can use very well in daily life.
Meditation teaches us more aware and become more discerning, giving us more time in the NOW and improving the quality of life.
We achieve our goal by simply BEING and not by doing something.
That is the essence of meditation!


Daily meditations can done easily when you work from home.
Would you like to work from home, so you have more free time to do meditation?

CLICK HERE, enter your email, watch the video, fill in the application-form and start change your life!!!!

Start your meditation – your daily meditations

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Travel With Flying Machine Is As Ordinary As Driving To The Airfield

Travel With Flying Machine Is As Ordinary As Driving To The Airfield

Travel With Flying Machine Is As Ordinary As Driving To The Airfield

Travel With Flying Machine Is As Ordinary As Driving To The Airfield

As a taxi-driver I go many times to the Airports in the Netherlands, Belgium and sometimes to an airfield in Germany.
It’s just another ordinary thing to comes with my job.
Today I had to bring a group of people to the biggest Dutch airport: Schiphol.
My boss gave me the wrong time to be there, so I had to wait a half hour, because the people had to come from 5 other places.

Today was the day with the traffic chaos here.
In an earlier blog I told you about it.
There was a little rain and strong wind.
Maybe people don’t travel going with the train with this kind of weather.

We go driving to the airfield (Schiphol) at 8.30 am.
Normally a good time to go, because most of the times you drive behind the traffic jams.
But the traffic jam of today lasted longer and therefore we had a delay of 45 minutes.
We always calculate to be way too early at the airport, so there will be no stress for being on the flying machine on time.

Flying Machine Has the Wind From Behind

Today was a good day for my boss: there were already people waiting when I delivered my first group to the airfield.
They were earlier: it seems their flying machine had the wind from behind.
It was a long trip for them: travel 25 hours from Indonesia where they had vacation.

On our way back we had a little traffic jam near Rotterdam, but that’s always a problem during the day.

The people were brought home safe and I could go home for a quick lunch.

Then, back to Schiphol to pick up the next group.
On internet I could see they would come on time… but later it said they would be 15 minutes earlier.
Experiences shows that the Dutch airports and Belgium airports not always are accurately with the landing times.
They were in the past, but this year it’s awful!

Again To The Airfield: This Is Too Ordinary!

To the airport was no traffic jam this time, because it was just after lunch and the weather was much better.
We drive from our area to Schiphol in 1 hour and 20 minutes on an ordinary day.
The plane was coming from Aruba, so there are always full controls on drugs etc.
Normally we have to wait 30 – 45 minutes to pick up the people after landing of the flying machine.
These last months it’s about 45 – 60 minutes and for machines from Curacao/Aruba it’s about 15 – 30 minutes more.
[embedplusvideo height=”264″ width=”420″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=0SqydL1s-DI&width=420&height=264&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep5626″ /]
When we drove back, we only had some traffic jam, again, near Rotterdam.
A head-tail accident. There was already a motor-ambulance to take care of the people, but everybody seems fine.

The End Of The Travel For Me Today

When I brought these people home, my work-day was finished and I could go home.
Driving around almost 9 hours is pretty hard, but tomorrow I can sleep longer, because I have to start working at 12.30 am.
Not to the airport, but a town that is a little behind Amsterdam.

Now, I finally can blog.
Driving taxi does not mean you have a good income, it’s just an ordinary job.
Although you’re responsible for the safety of your passengers.
It’s better to blog, so you can earn some real money!

You want to know how?
Click on the yellow button on top, bottom or at the right side, enter your email, watch the video, fill in the application-form and start change your life!!!!

I wish you all a save travel to the airfield and a smooth flight with a flying machine.
Don’t worry: it’s just another ordinary thing to do 😉

Have a very nice day!

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Autumn And All The Colors Of This Season

New Season Has Started: Autumn – The Season Of Many Colors

On Saturday 22 September from 4.49 pm autumn 2012 started for the astronomers. The sun was exactly above the equator making night and day than anywhere on earth equal. The 22nd and 23 September is usually the beginning of this new season.

Autumn Is Here!

It’s October and now you can see the changing of the seasons to autumn.
Until 2 days ago it was good weather: not too cold and many times sun.
Today we have much wind and they predict very much rain.
They predict it…. but until now the rain felt only for a half hour.
It’s early afternoon here.
Mostly the bad weather is at the end of the afternoon, when everybody has to go home from work.

Traffic Chaos Is Seasonal

It’s Wednesday and at that day traffic jam is not that hard here.
Tuesday and Thursday have normally the worst traffic chaos.
When the weather is changing to rain or snow at that day, the traffic jam will be very long.

We don’t need much to have a traffic chaos.
Give us a half inch snow and the traffic jam on the highway is complete and trains don’t go or with large delay.

Colors Everywhere

When I look outside, I see some grey clouds and trees with less or colored leaves.
The variety of colors make autumn popular to many people.
While the cloud is grey, the leaves are still green or changing to yellow, red or brown.

Give Fashion Some Color

Autumn And The Dark Colors Of This Season

Autumn And The Dark Colors Of This Season

Not only the weather, but also the fashion is in this season darker.
Many times you see colors like grey and brown.
Why doesn’t the fashion designers use more colorful?
It would make the world happier 😀

This Season Is For Some People Unknown!

For people from (sub)-tropic countries it’s strange to see this happening.
They are afraid the trees will die.
But At Spring, the leaves will grow again and normal colors are coming back.

To be honest: I want to be in such a (sub)-tropic country now!
And I guess you know what country I prefer…
Exactly: Thailand, with my girlfriend!

No Rhyme For Dutch Autumn!

In Dutch language autumn is called “herfst” and is one of the words with no rhyme.
You can share THAT on the next party… 😀

Autumn And The Dark Colors Of This Season

Autumn And The Dark Colors Of This Season (View ?From My Work-Space)

It’s the ideal season to work inside, doing business on the internet.
How about you?
Do you work from home?
Can you be with your kids when they come home from school?
Or when they are ill?
Empower Network has given this opportunity to many people and soon I can fire my boss as well!
Then I can live with my girlfriend in Thailand….. where it’s always warm 😀

Enjoy all seasons, enjoy all colors…. have a nice day!

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Saskia And Mozart To The Trim-Salon

Saskia And Mozart To The Trim-Salon

Today it was time for Mozart and Saskia to go out.
Not just for a walk. But they had to go to the dogs trim-salon.
2 times in a year they go for a make-over.

Mozart Back From Trim-Salon

Mozart Back From Trim-Salon

Did I mention in an earlier blog that Saskia is the mother of Mozart?
Well, in my earlier marriage we bought Saskia from a friend and a short time later Beethoven.
Of course, Beethoven was named after the movie dog.
The difference was that our Beethoven was only 15 inch high 😀

Beethoven and Saskia practiced some times and 2 times Saskia got a puppy, but the first one died at birth and the second one died within 1 hour.
I don’t forget the sad eyes of Saskia both times.

But, the third time, there was Mozart.
He was as small as my hand-palm.
I keep him the first week under the heat lamp.
First upstairs in my bedroom and later during the day downstairs.
Of course, together with Saskia.


Mozart Not In the Trim Salon, But As A Puppy


Beethoven was a real softy: silent, waiting for his turn and for me.
He did not like his son… he thought it was a weird creature.

We bought Beethoven from a friend in Spain.
My wife had many friends in Spain.
When he was a pup I fly with him to Netherlands.
Unfortunately, I had to let him fall a sleep when he was not even 5 years old, because he had a tumor in his mouth.
When They should operate him, he probably could not eat any more.
It was a though decision, but I did not want him to have pain.
He was a very good boy.

Before I had to let him sleep, I had 3 dogs and that was too much.
I had to decide which dog has to move.
Best choice was Saskia: It would provide her for getting pregnant again (I was living alone at that time) and my parents love her very much.
So, that would be a perfect situation – I could still see her.

That Scary Trim-Salon

This morning, about 1 hour after I walked with them, it was time to go.
Mozart was extremely happy to go out again!
He was jumping around.
Saskia is the lazy one, but now she was also standing ready to go out.

In the car they always are a little nervous, because they don’t go many times with the car.
Only to the doctor or…. trim-salon.

When we arrived there, they walked without any problem with me to the other side of the street.
But when I opened the door of the trim-salon…….. They didn’t want to go in… they knew what would happen next…. I would leave them there for a few hours.

With a little pulling they went inside.
And the hairdresser was already waiting for them.
When I left the trim-salon as expected, they were not happy, but did not bark or cry.

2 hours later I get the call: they are ready and can go home.
Together with my father I picked them up.
Look at the results: aren’t they beautiful?

Saskia And Mozart Back From Trim-Salon

Saskia And Mozart Back From Trim-Salon

The trim-salon is getting more expensive….
I’m happy I earn money on the Empower Network.

Have a very nice day!

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Give Me Money – How To Get It

Give me money

Give Me Money

Give Me Money

Give me money

If you hear this pronouncing by somebody you would think he/she is robbing you. And I didn’t even put an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence.
Give Me Money sounds like somebody owes it to you, so you MUST give it. YOU are entitled to that money.


But, tell me, what do YOU mean with that? Yes, you, who is reading this now?
You didn’t type it by mistake: it’s a whole phrase.
Or did you mean give me monkey instead of give me money?
Naahhhh…. I don’t think so. A monkey is nice, but almost impossible to have as pet. And in most countries I think/hope it’s forbidden.


68,000,000 People Say: Give Me Money

You want money! It’s as simple as that!
Maybe some extra money to buy those shoes. Or do you want a new car?
And you know what? You’re not the only one who searched on Google for this:
– Worldwide more then 68,000,000 people
– In the USA alone, there are 20,400,000 people searching for this phrase.
PER MONTH!!!!!!!
That means many people in this world will think they are entitled to money?


Did you know that in some countries it’s actually the opposite from this?
People have to pay money to get a job….. a legal job…. even a job from gouvernment! And I’m not talking about a ‘high’ job like a school Director. People have to pay to work as a postman…… Don’t get me wrong, that’s also a very important job!
That money goes in the pockets from personnel Managers and that kind of people.


Give Me Money – But First Let Me Give It To You

That almost comes near The Law Of The Universe:
You first have to give something away to receive it multiple back.
Now I hear you thinking: give me money and you will get it multiple back – a win-win situation.
But you know I don’t know you really, but when you’re reading this far, I love you too much for that: because when I give it, that means you will receive it. Receiving is a negative giving. So, later you will have to give it multiple. Not to me, but to somebody else, or the gouvernment, or whatever.
I don’t want to give you something now and later you will be in pain. 😀


Don’t get me wrong: I give 10% of my sales volume to charity.
And I help people to make money.
I can help you to make money, if you want. And I will not be the only one who help you then… you will get help from many people. People who already are successful.


You see, there are many ways to look at a phrase like this.
I hope this article helped you and you enjoyed reading it.
We all want money and actually, it’s easy to earn it.

Have a very nice day and you don’t have to give me money unless you really want 😉

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21 mei 2011

Vannacht lekker geslapen. Even op het balkon kijken hoe de omgeving er bij daglicht uit ziet: er wordt dus op een afstand van ongeveer 50 meter flink gebouwd, daar kan ik dus door de week wel eens last van krijgen….
Even scheren en douchen en dan aan het ontbijt. Dat is wel heel eenvoudig: geroosterd brood met boter en jam en een kom rijst met gehakt en ingrediënten naar eigen believen toe te voegen. Maar, smaakt erg goed en je kunt ook uitgebreider bestellen, hoor ik van een Engelsman die er al 2 jaren woont. Voor een volgende keer dan.
Na het eten even naar buiten om een winkeltje te zoeken waar ze grotere flessen water hebben en om gewoon even de omgeving te verkennen. Na een kilometer heb ik veel winkeltjes gezien, vooral met siervelgen voor de auto. Ook nog een massagesalon gezien, moet ik onthouden. Snel weer terug naar het hotel, want het is wel erg warm in de brandende zon, zon hoofddeksel en niet ingesmeerd.
Half in de middag is Nat er en gaan we samen naar het winkelcentrum en daarna eten.
Nat heeft een leuke auto, met geblindeerde ramen (wat in Nederland nooit zou mogen, maar hier heel normaal is) en een airco die het helaas niet doet. Ik mag er enkele meters mee rijden, om in te parkeren. Dan kan ik gelijk even wennen aan het stuur aan de rechter kant. Gelukkig is het een automaat. Okay, geslaagd voor de eerste rijles.

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20 mei 2011 (aankomst)

Heerlijk: 3 stoelen voor mezelf, kan zo eens in het midden zitten als ik wil, of bij het raampje. Languit liggen en een tukje doen is ook niet verkeerd.
Nog wat drankjes, broodjes, nootjes en een maaltijd: we worden goed verwend.
Geen gekke dingen onderweg, alleen een beetje turbulentie, maar dat was te vergelijken met de wegen in België.
Om 13.30 staan we aan slurf op het vliegveld van Bangkok. Goed op tijd dus.
Even de koffer halen en van de aankomst- naar de vertrekhal. Wat me opvalt, behalve het mooie kunstwerk met bloementuintje (zie foto’s), is een groepje van circa 9 personen (vermoedelijk Pakistanen) met 5 karretjes en op elk karretje o.a. een flatscreen tv.
Alvast inchecken om naar Khon Kaen te vliegen en nu nog even 5 uurtjes op het vliegveld doorbrengen. Maar dat is geen probleem. Eerst wat geld wisselen, daarna een sim-kaart voor internet halen en daarna nog even eten in één van de vele restaurantjes. Tussendoor nog even buiten kijken… ja hoor, het is lekker warm.
We gaan met de bus naar het vliegtuig… ik hoop dat de chauffeur weet welk vliegtuig we moeten hebben, want we komen toch zo’n 10 vliegtuigen van Thai Arway tegen.
Ook tijdens deze vlucht krijgen we een kleine, maar smakelijke maaltijd.
Op het vliegveld van Khon Kaen moeten we gewoon naar de aankomsthal lopen, maar het is slechts 200 meter. In de aankomsthal zitten zo’n 20 mannen in uniform: ongever de helft politie (donkere uniformen) en de andere helft werkt gewoon voor de overheid (witte uniformen).
En dan met de taxi naar hotel Lawan Place. Het is niet ver van het vliegveld. Ook Lawan Place heeft een eigen parkeerwachter, zoals elke besloten parkeerplaats bij een restaurant, hotel of bedrijf. Maar ook aan de weg staan ze je veilig de parkeervakken uit te helpen…. Met een fluitje, want daar blazen ze graag op. Maar onze parkeerwachter bij het hotel heeft een zaklampje.. is wel zo fijn, in de nacht.
Ben maar even naar beneden gegaan voor het password van internet. Terug boven blijkt het licht het niet meer te doen.. maar ook de airco niet! Weer terug naar beneden. De ‘bellboy’ loopt met me mee naar boven… domme farang.. moet gewoon de keycard in zijn sleuf doen, dan gaat de elektriciteit vanzelf stromen.
Genoeg voor vandaag, maar eens lekker slapen.

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