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Have A Better Life With Affirmations And Visualization

Posted by on November 13, 2012

Visualization And Affirmations For A Better Life

Another way of affirmations is visualization.
Visualize literally means make something visible.
In your head runs a film on how you want a particular occasion occurs in life.
This may be an occasion in the near future (an important conversation with a client the next morning) or in the distant future (reaching a milestone, such as lose 15 kilos weight).
A visualization can be as detailed as you want.
See it what you’re going to say to that potential customer, he or she responds positively, you’re quiet and calm, you look perfect, that at the last moment an idea that you the customer can persuade and see that the customer says: “Yes, you get the job!”.
And in the second example: you see that you are thin, you’re fit, you wear new, pretty clothes, that have people look at you admiringly, that you stand on the scale and you actually weighs 15 pounds less.
The regular repetition of a visualization strengthens the result.

Note: visualization of a desired situation is no guarantee that it actually happens like that.
A good seal is pronouncing: “So I like to see it happen but I let it go. I have confidence in the smooth running of events. ”

Affirmations in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, people are brought up with the idea of “doing normal, that’s crazy enough” and anyone who says positive things about themselves, is soon called arrogant.
If someone gives you a compliment because you have done something right, you are very quick to say, “Oh, it’s not so difficult” or “It was nothing.”
But would it not be great if you can positively affirm yourself by saying: “Thank you, I liked to do and I’m glad it worked” or even “Thank you, I can do this very well and do it with pleasure. ”

An example of the Dutch behaviour you will find also on the sports fields.
If Dutch athletes are interviewed they say often things like “We do our best” or “Yes I am well prepared, but yes, you have to wait if you’re in shape as well”.
With this mindset, it is very difficult to reach the top.
It’s like they have an excuse in advance for if they do not reach first place.

You can not entirely blame them.
The few who clearly say: “I’m going for the Gold Medal” are completely ‘killed’ by the Dutch press if he or she is “only” fourth.
It is the head above the crowd: some how we Dutch can’t have that so good.
As if we don’t allow the other the light in their eyes.

Now you can indeed decide your attitude to adapt to the reaction in the Netherlands.
But why would you consider yourself less than you are?
In order to please others?

How do people in other countries work with affirmations in life?

Let’s go back to the athletes.
Americans are masters of psychological preparation for peak performance.
If American athletes are interviewed you hear them say things like: “I have prepared well, I’m sure, I get that gold medal.”
And if it is not successful they will not come with excuses or apologies, but they say honestly: “I am very disappointed. I got everything out of it but it was just not enough.”

We find sober-minded Dutch Americans often so exaggerated and maybe that’s true, but their behaviour is an element of truth.
An American is proud of what he has accomplished, he is proud of his wealth and possessions, and he shows that also.
And just because of that, he comes in such a positive mindset, he can hold his success and expand.

Have A Better Life With Affirmations And Visualization

Have A Better Life With Affirmations And Visualization

Would it not be wonderful if we could say unabashedly to others:

“I make beautiful drawings”
“I can play extreme well billiards”
“I have such beautiful clothes”
“I am very successful”
It would be even nicer if that person would not think that we are conceited or arrogant, but that the other would be happy for us.
Maybe we can start doing it ourselfs though: be happy for someone who is proud of himself.
And proud of ourselves – not from arrogance but out of love for yourself.

Visualization And Affirmations Can give You A better Life

Unleash the power of your soul – be master of your own thoughts.
Affirmations are both a goal and a way.
When you start working with affirmations, the aim is to secure positive thoughts in your head.
But it is also a way on the path to awakening.
If you are going to work with affirmations you can not escape to stand more consciously in life.
What do you think, are you ready?

In my head is only room for positive, life-enhancing thoughts and visualization.
I now make the step to changing my life by changing my thoughts.

I wish you much success in life with affirmations and visualization, I’m sure you will succeed.
You’re a really great person and you have more than enough power to put your life to your own advantage.

Go for it!

Have a changing day: keep visualization!



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