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Give Me Money – How To Get It

Posted by on September 27, 2012

Give me money

Give Me Money

Give Me Money

Give me money

If you hear this pronouncing by somebody you would think he/she is robbing you. And I didn’t even put an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence.
Give Me Money sounds like somebody owes it to you, so you MUST give it. YOU are entitled to that money.


But, tell me, what do YOU mean with that? Yes, you, who is reading this now?
You didn’t type it by mistake: it’s a whole phrase.
Or did you mean give me monkey instead of give me money?
Naahhhh…. I don’t think so. A monkey is nice, but almost impossible to have as pet. And in most countries I think/hope it’s forbidden.


68,000,000 People Say: Give Me Money

You want money! It’s as simple as that!
Maybe some extra money to buy those shoes. Or do you want a new car?
And you know what? You’re not the only one who searched on Google for this:
– Worldwide more then 68,000,000 people
– In the USA alone, there are 20,400,000 people searching for this phrase.
PER MONTH!!!!!!!
That means many people in this world will think they are entitled to money?


Did you know that in some countries it’s actually the opposite from this?
People have to pay money to get a job….. a legal job…. even a job from gouvernment! And I’m not talking about a ‘high’ job like a school Director. People have to pay to work as a postman…… Don’t get me wrong, that’s also a very important job!
That money goes in the pockets from personnel Managers and that kind of people.


Give Me Money – But First Let Me Give It To You

That almost comes near The Law Of The Universe:
You first have to give something away to receive it multiple back.
Now I hear you thinking: give me money and you will get it multiple back – a win-win situation.
But you know I don’t know you really, but when you’re reading this far, I love you too much for that: because when I give it, that means you will receive it. Receiving is a negative giving. So, later you will have to give it multiple. Not to me, but to somebody else, or the gouvernment, or whatever.
I don’t want to give you something now and later you will be in pain. 😀


Don’t get me wrong: I give 10% of my sales volume to charity.
And I help people to make money.
I can help you to make money, if you want. And I will not be the only one who help you then… you will get help from many people. People who already are successful.


You see, there are many ways to look at a phrase like this.
I hope this article helped you and you enjoyed reading it.
We all want money and actually, it’s easy to earn it.

Have a very nice day and you don’t have to give me money unless you really want 😉

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