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Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmations

Posted by on November 6, 2012


How you can change your life and business by changing your thoughts!

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Have you ever consciously listened to your own thoughts?

You should do that just for fun one whole day.

On an average day, I really have a few dozen negative thoughts – while I am a very positive person – and I’m not the only one.

Does this sound familiar to you may:

“Oh no, now I can never do that.”

“Had I done something difference.”

“This I never get on together.”

“Gee how stupid of me.”

“Hey, I make the same mistake again.”

What you are actually doing is affirming yourself: you confirm your own behaviour.

But in a negative way!

And this is done not only in your mind, you speak it out: to yourself, in conversations with others, to others, such as your children and in your business.

“Well, I will never get in such a tight skirt.”

“I’m not going to try that again, I happen to be so.”

“What are you annoying today.”

“Let me do that, it’s too difficult for you.”

“Are you doing that wrong again.”

Experts estimate that even 72% of your thoughts are negative.

Have you any idea how much power your mind has?

Imagine what an impact your own thoughts have, which are constantly in your head, for you and your life.

Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmations

Thinking is something you do.

You have some influence on it.

Thinking, or at least, the way you think, is a habit.

And like all other habits you are the one who can control it.

It’s like exercising or dieting: you have to work to change.

By filling your mind with positive thoughts you can actually make changes in your life.

If you repeat something often enough, you believe in it.

That is so in the negative (eg a harsh parent to his child always says: “You’re worthless”, as an adult the child is still carrying it with him).

But it also works in the positive.

Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmations

Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmations

It would be work fantastic if each day a personal coach walked around you bombarded with positive lyrics: “What have you done that well” if you had something done, or “You’re beautiful” as you put clothes on.

But the reality is – unfortunately – different.

The reality is that maybe you’re worried that there saunter screaming kids around you or that you just can not stay away from the chocolate.

So, they developed something which is almost as good works as a personal coach.

Click here if you want to know more about it, or read more about affirmations.

Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmations

What is an Affirmation?

Affirmations are statements you have in mind or aloud, and that your thoughts affect and enhance.

Without it noticing it, you use the whole day affirmations to yourself (“This I can not!”), To your children (“What are you annoying today!”), To others (“That’s too difficult for you “).

Usually we use affirmations in a negative way.

By using affirmations consciously and in a positive way and repeat them, you can change your mind about yourself – and thus your life.

Because if you think you can do something, you will attract the energy towards you to can.

If you think you can not do something, you create a self-fulfilling prophecy: it usually you can not because your beliefs you hold.

And this is also applies to your business!



You want to change your life and business?

Have a very nice day!

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