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Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmation 2

Posted by on November 10, 2012

As you probably know, this is part 2 of 3 about positive affirmations and how it can help you change your business and life.
Check here for part 1.

Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmation

The world is much lighter when you’re positive in life.
Why not give yourself the most sublime thoughts about yourself?

“I always get a parking”
“I am the most exalted version of myself”
“My body is beautiful”
“I enjoy every day of miracles all around me”
“I heal myself”
Break your conviction.
Sometimes it may happen that you almost can’t get a certain affirmation over your lips.
Or that you become angry or sad when you read or pronounce a certain affirmation.
This may mean that your conviction to the contrary is very deep.
To find out where the problem is and how you always get the negative thoughts, the following exercise can help:

Take a piece of paper and draw a vertical line through the middle.
Write the affirmation on the left.
Write now at the right the thought that comes to mind while writing the affirmation.
Repeat it until the thoughts that you write down at the right are positive rather than negative.
Continue writing the affirmation, even if you write him a hundred times.

Practice as long on that particular affirmation until you can speak it smiling, with a happy heart, loud and clear.
Only then you have the positive words as the truth integrated in yourself.

Positive Affirmation Helps You Change Your Business and Life

I found out myself forgetting to repeat my affirmations through the day.
Simply because I’m too busy or Iu do not remember.
If, in the evening I repeat an affirmation several times I often fall asleep halfway (maybe I should first start with “I stay awake – I stay awake – I stay awake!”).

Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmation 2

Change Your Life And Business With Positive Affirmation 2

And at moments of stress, it is often so difficult (oops, you see what I do?!) to say your first affirmation before you respond.
So I started initially with making affirmation-cards I spread over the house.
In the kitchen is for example: I AM QUIET AND CALM because if I at the end of a long day with eating. I’m busy and I don’t have much time for cooking, or have to go again very quick, I can get stressed.
But because my eyes are – subconsciously – reading the text, I affirmed the opposite: I will believe that I am quiet and calm and therefore change to the corresponding behaviour.

When I’m working at my laptop, I have a small program on running.
Maybe you ever heard about in cinemas or movies at home, they put 1 image in the movie that not belongs there.
It can be of food or drinking.
You don’t see it…. but you’re subconscious mind does.
It makes you hungry or thirsty.
Or that’s why you want to buy that product in the shop.
Nowadays it’s forbidden in most countries.
But, you can use it with affirmations.
On the internet I found a program that is just great for that.
It gives an affirmation every 1-120 seconds for 10-1000 milliseconds (you can decide both yourself).
You can also change the purpose of the affirmation.
Check it out by clicking here! <===


Have a very nice and positive day!

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