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Autumn And All The Colors Of This Season

Posted by on October 3, 2012

New Season Has Started: Autumn – The Season Of Many Colors

On Saturday 22 September from 4.49 pm autumn 2012 started for the astronomers. The sun was exactly above the equator making night and day than anywhere on earth equal. The 22nd and 23 September is usually the beginning of this new season.

Autumn Is Here!

It’s October and now you can see the changing of the seasons to autumn.
Until 2 days ago it was good weather: not too cold and many times sun.
Today we have much wind and they predict very much rain.
They predict it…. but until now the rain felt only for a half hour.
It’s early afternoon here.
Mostly the bad weather is at the end of the afternoon, when everybody has to go home from work.

Traffic Chaos Is Seasonal

It’s Wednesday and at that day traffic jam is not that hard here.
Tuesday and Thursday have normally the worst traffic chaos.
When the weather is changing to rain or snow at that day, the traffic jam will be very long.

We don’t need much to have a traffic chaos.
Give us a half inch snow and the traffic jam on the highway is complete and trains don’t go or with large delay.

Colors Everywhere

When I look outside, I see some grey clouds and trees with less or colored leaves.
The variety of colors make autumn popular to many people.
While the cloud is grey, the leaves are still green or changing to yellow, red or brown.

Give Fashion Some Color

Autumn And The Dark Colors Of This Season

Autumn And The Dark Colors Of This Season

Not only the weather, but also the fashion is in this season darker.
Many times you see colors like grey and brown.
Why doesn’t the fashion designers use more colorful?
It would make the world happier πŸ˜€

This Season Is For Some People Unknown!

For people from (sub)-tropic countries it’s strange to see this happening.
They are afraid the trees will die.
But At Spring, the leaves will grow again and normal colors are coming back.

To be honest: I want to be in such a (sub)-tropic country now!
And I guess you know what country I prefer…
Exactly: Thailand, with my girlfriend!

No Rhyme For Dutch Autumn!

In Dutch language autumn is called β€œherfst” and is one of the words with no rhyme.
You can share THAT on the next party… πŸ˜€

Autumn And The Dark Colors Of This Season

Autumn And The Dark Colors Of This Season (View ?From My Work-Space)

It’s the ideal season to work inside, doing business on the internet.
How about you?
Do you work from home?
Can you be with your kids when they come home from school?
Or when they are ill?
Empower Network has given this opportunity to many people and soon I can fire my boss as well!
Then I can live with my girlfriend in Thailand….. where it’s always warm πŸ˜€

Enjoy all seasons, enjoy all colors…. have a nice day!

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