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What Is Meditation – Do Your Daily Meditations

Posted by on October 15, 2012

What Is Meditation – Do Your Daily Meditations

What Is Meditation - Do Your Daily Meditations

What Is Meditation – Do Your Daily Meditations

Until a few years ago, the word meditation to many raised eyebrows, hocus-pocus feelings and sometimes cause jitters.
What many do not know is that for example meditate to the art of mental strength and self-control goes.
That we use to meditate more and enjoy life because we meditate aware and relaxed.
That we strive to do daily meditations less on “automatic pilot” either spend the time and above all attentive to his.
Life is great, but we must see it first!

In today’s society where we are getting more anbusy, are our brains incessant bombarded with stimuli and we get an increasing need for rest and relaxation.
Meditating might be of great benefit to us and it’s therefore not surprising that in recent times it’s even cool to begin to meditate!

But what then is meditation? Is it experience, technique or just a goal?

Our vision is to meditate every technique that allows us our body and mind to relax and also our mind from unnecessary thoughts and brain activity.
Daily meditations is for us no end goal or special experience, but just a very useful technique that helps us to tame the mind and body to relax.
Generally every meditation meets on the following three basic principles;

What Is Meditation – Do Your Daily Meditations

1) We focus on one thing or object to our mind to concentrate.
This focus can include on our breathing, a word we repeat, sensations in our body, or even our thoughts.
Often we concentrate in daily meditations upon our own senses.
When we feel, smell, taste or hear we escape our fantasies and we are back in the moment.

2) When our mind wanders, we bring it back to our object of meditation or focus.
We try our minds not to hide or suppress.
Fighting for our minds to rest has nothing to do with rest and relaxation.
The whole process is like a camera zoom in on an object.
The object comes to the front and all other things are present but disappear into the background.
Every time we are distracted by objects in the background we zoom back into our object in the front.
This process is repeated during meditation sometimes an infinite number of times.

3) All thoughts and sensations during meditation we let us pass.
As we meditate we continue to hear the sound of fast driving traffic, we continue to feel the hangover from yesterday, we continue to think the chores we need to do tomorrow, etc.
The big difference is that this leads us to no longer have to bother .
During meditation we try not to judge, to draw conclusions or side issues to consider.
We accept the present moment as it is.

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What Is Meditation – Do Your Daily Meditations

Meditating differs from other forms of entertainment in the sense that during the relaxation we are awake, alert and focused.
We are relaxed yet alert.
Research shows that the more we engage more with daily meditations we basically still relaxed.
At the same time we are also more observant and aware, something that other relaxation techniques do not achieve, because they don’t train the focus ability.
We must not confuse meditate with a dream, sleep or trance state con, because during those times, we, unlike meditation, are not aware and alert.

During daily meditations, we focus on what NOW, at this moment, at t=0 happens.
Every thought is by definition an element of time (past or future) and leads us from what is happening NOW.
When we focus we give our mind only one single job.
Because we only have one job to process that takes little effort and energy.
There will be no question of a possible emergency or stressful situation and so can our body and mind go for a relaxation.
Because we are relaxed and laid back we can experience brighter and we are aware of our doings.
Think carefully about all the beautiful moments of your life or how you experience things such as hobbies or just a beautiful moment.
Right, almost all quality moments in your life are when you do not think, but experience and thus in the present moment.
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., a pioneer in the field of mind / body medicine, therefore, defines meditation as any activity that brings us into the NOW and hold it.

The methodology of meditation we can use very well in daily life.
Meditation teaches us more aware and become more discerning, giving us more time in the NOW and improving the quality of life.
We achieve our goal by simply BEING and not by doing something.
That is the essence of meditation!


Daily meditations can done easily when you work from home.
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Start your meditation – your daily meditations

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