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The Secret Or The Law Of Attraction

Posted by on October 28, 2012

Let your wishes come true with ‘The Secret’ or ‘The Law Of Attraction’.

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Ever been frustrated that you can not pay the bills again?
Bale you of your weight or do you actually ever fall asleep next to someone?
Perhaps we have here the solution to all your problems!

Ever heard of the ‘Universal Law Of Attraction?
It is a universal law of physics which states that “like attracts like”.
In other words, you pull things that you have caused.
If we are the makers of the movie “The Secret” to believe.

Strange but interesting movie

The movie “The Secret” was a huge success in America.
It runs in this documentary to a ‘secret’ power, knowledge of which long remained hidden for the “common people”.
Various experts explain you in ninety minutes how your mind can turn your own world into your hand.
“Your current reality is the result of your thinking.”

‘The Secret’ And ‘The Law Of Attraction’

Logical law

It’s something you usually intuitively feels, negative thinking usually causes more negativity.
When you find yourself completely focused on your overweight, the problem will only increase.
Positive thinking creates positive influences in your life, according to the theory.

When you focus on something it will grow

The Secret Or The Law Of Attraction

The Secret Or The Law Of Attraction

Do you have high debts and do you just worried about?
Chances are that you can not eliminate the debt and that they will even grow.
This is ‘the Law of Attraction‘.
Everything we experience and visualize in mind we draw also.
Nothing is accidental.
Do not focus on that debt, but on life without debts.
On a life of financial freedom, then the universe will bring this to you.
That is the message.

You’re not the first

That there is such a thing as this interesting effect has long been known.
Wikipedia reports that there are already thousands of years written about it.
For example, Oprah had a show dedicated to this subject.
She always claims (unconsciously) to have already lived this way.
Think about what you want instead of what you do not want.

Broaden your focus and happiness comes naturally

For example if you want to lose weight you should try to love yourself as you are and look for the things you are satisfied with.
Be positive in life and you will receive positive things.
That is the power of thoughts and ‘the’Law of Attraction‘.
Obviously, there is quite a bit vagueness involved.
Moreover, the movie “The Secret” is very American is very ‘Da Vinci code’-ish.
Many people would still sometimes be disappointed when “the universe” is not directly a bag-of-money-for-the-door switch.

‘The Secret’ – ‘The Law Of Attraction’

However, it is about seizing opportunities in your life.
If you really want more money, you will notice that there are opportunities to develop at some point in your life to deserve.
So no pocket money, you’ll still have to work.
But according to the theory, you are the one who attracts such opportunities.

Highlights in the film and ‘the law of attraction‘ are:

– You create your own reality for 100%.
– Your current reality is the result of your thinking.
– You pull on what you focus.
– Something ‘not’ want or fight against something attracts it.
– To do, be or have something you need to achieve them to experience.
– Something can be done by changing your thinking to adapt.
– Your feeling is a navigation system.
– What feels good, is good for you. What does not feel right, do not.
– Everything you need is in the direction of what feels good.
– You are completely free. You are valuable. You are perfect.

To apply the knowledge of ‘The Law Of Attraction

Many people wonder at the end how you apply the knowledge of ‘The Law Of Attraction‘ and what results you can achieve.
In another article I will teach you how you can get started with ‘The Law Of Attraction‘.
In this book you will also find more information about.
The Secret

More information and the movie

In short: extremely interesting matter.
I would say, watch the movie and judge for yourself.
On YouTube you can see the first 20 minutes free or watch the video below.

[embedplusvideo height=”342″ width=”420″ standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/_b1GKGWJbE8?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=_b1GKGWJbE8&width=420&height=342&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep3639″ /]

‘The Secret’ IS ‘The Law Of Attraction’

The Secret Or The Law Of Attraction - book


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